How to get rid of the 7 or 10 pin

How to get rid of the 10 pin or 7 pin. When your a high power player like me you don’t leave to many 10 or 7′s. When you leave a 10 pin there are a few ways to get rid of it, but there are 2 kinds of ten pins, a weak and a ringing. A weak ten pin is when the 6 pin goes around the ten and a weak is where the 6 pin laying in the gutter next the the ten pin.

When you leave a weak ten pin your ball is hitting to weak or not driving, now you want to slow your ball speed down or change to a higher reactive ball, by doing this your ball will hit harder and drive through the pins.

When leaving a ringing ten pin your ball is hitting too late in the pocket or your angle to the pocket is too great, so now you want to move your line (where your playing) so your ball hooks a little earlier or so your ball gets a lower angle to the pocket.

The 7 pin is caused by your ball hitting too light in the pocket or hitting really heavy in the pocket. when leaving the weak 7 you want to move so your ball so it will hit or roll harder into the pocket, but if you leave the solid 7 you should speed up your ball or move your line so you have some more oil.

For a lefty just do the opposite.